Company profile

Nantong zhenkang welding electromechanical Co., Ltd., founded in January 1993, is a representative local private enterprise in Haimen. The company is a state-level high-tech enterprise which has long been committed to R & D, production, sales and service of CO welding wire feeding device, industrial robot and RV Reducer. It is also a famous domestic manufacturer of CO welding wire feeding device, high-precision industrial robot and core components (RV Reducer). At present, the company covers an area of 50000 square meters, plant area of 42000 square meters, the existing senior titles and technical personnel 72, direct research and development of technical personnel 42.

The company is the drafting unit of national standard for wire feeding device of electric welding machine, the deputy director unit of National Technical Committee for standardization of electric welding machine, the deputy director unit of welding technology professional committee of China Electrotechnical Society, the deputy director unit of welding machine branch of China Electrical Industry Association, and the Deputy director unit of micro motor branch of China Electrical Industry Association; The company has participated in the formulation and revision of dozens of welding machine industry and national standards.

The company is mainly engaged in sb-10 series co welding wire feeding device, mzzk series automatic submerged arc welding wire feeding car, RV Reducer for industrial robot and high-precision welding robot. The products have reached the domestic and international advanced level, and have 30 related core patents, including 8 invention patents. The market share of the products has always been in the leading position in the industry. In 2016, "zhenkang" trademark was recognized as China's well-known trademark. In November 2020, Nantong zhenkang was rated as a specialized new "little giant" enterprise by the Ministry of industry and information technology.

Development path

Main precision reducer, printing motor, wire feeder products


Nantong Weite Motor Factory No.1 Branch established
Chairman: Tang zikang

Nantong zhenkang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established (Sino foreign joint venture)



First plant expansion

The service life of printing motor exceeds the international level



Second plant expansion

The first submerged arc welding car was successfully developed



Nantong zhenkang welding electromechanical Co., Ltd. was established (Sino foreign joint venture)

The output value of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the company reached 100 million yuan


Haimen Industrial backbone enterprises

Vice chairman of national electric welding machine Standardization Technical Committee


3rd plant expansion

Welding wire feeder
The only drafting unit of national standard



Nantong zhenkang import and Export Co., Ltd. established

Haimen tax paying bronze Enterprises


Vice chairman of national micromotor Standardization Technical Committee


Haimen tax paying silver Enterprises


Enter the field of Robotics

Start to develop RV Reducer


4th plant expansion

Vice chairman unit of welding machine branch of China Electrical Industry Association
vice chairman unit of Micromotor branch of China Electrical Industry Association



The company established Jiangsu graduate workstation

Major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects in Jiangsu Province


Participating in China International Industrial Expo

Undertake the 863 project of Ministry of science and technology


The market share of the three major products (printing motor, wire feeder and submerged arc welding car) ranks first in the world

The first harmonic reducer has been successfully developed



The first high performance arc welding robot has been successfully developed

Take the lead in realizing mass production of RV Reducer in China
with a market share of 30%
breaking the monopoly of imported products



Undertake the special project of "new intelligent manufacturing mode" of Ministry of industry and information technology

New factory completed



Zhenkang high precision industrial robot

Mass production and launch to market,

Start robot seriation and system integration

Establishment of Joint Laboratory of State Key Laboratory for advanced welding and connection

Gu hi tech and zhenkang mechanical Intelligent Robot Joint Laboratory

And the practice base of graduate enterprise in mechanical engineering of Beijing University of Technology



Undertake national key R & D plan

--Research and development of 500 kg friction stir welding robot

National specialized new "little giant" enterprise


The first unmanned automatic machining plant of RV Reducer in the 21st century is coming

Development of servo motor for robot

Chairman's speech

The business world is ever-changing and sophisticated,just like the waves wash away the sand. Time and tide wait for no man, we have to forge ahead amid twists and turns. Nantong Zhenkang experienced the practical process of China's reform and opening up, carried the mission and responsibility of China's industrial development, realized the great leap-forward development from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, and became an outstanding member of China's national industry.

In this highly competitive era of development, in the face of the fierce market competition, Zhenkang people, diligent and pragmatic, have always adhered to win-win team cooperation, sticked to business philosophy of steady,solid and sustainable development. We have achieved rapid development by adhering to the enterprise spirit of "self-reliance, innovation,pragmatism and forging ahead".

Looking back on the past, Zhenkang is proud; Looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence. Faced with numerous challenges, Zhenkang people dare to take up the challenges; In the face of difficulties and dangers,Zhenkang people are good at overcoming them and forging ahead; Facing the bright future, Zhenkang people have the courage to climb the peak!

The past glory has become a thing of the past, and tomorrow's sunrise will be more brilliant. As the founder of the company, on behalf of the company, I would like to thank all employees for their efforts. Zhenkang's yesterday embodies your hard work and sweat, and Zhenkang's tomorrow will be more brilliant because of you! I am willing to lead Zhenkang’s iron and steel team, which is good at fighting and invincible, to seize new opportunities and meet new challenges. With a high sense of responsibility and mission, I will move forward firmly on the road of high-quality development, promote the sustainable development of the company and create new brilliance of the company!

I hope to be with you and walk with you tomorrow. Nantong Zhenkang sincerely invites customers both at home and abroad to visit us, guide us and cooperate with us!

Honor and qualification

  • Gold medal leading enterprise (industry)
  • High tech enterprise certificate
  • High tech enterprise certificate
  • Deputy director of the 8th Council of welding machine branch of China Electrotechnical Society(CES)
  • Member of the welding equipment industry in China
  • The Engineering&Technology research center on Co2 welding wire feed mechanism in Jiangsu
  • Jiangsu certified enterprise technology center
  • Jiangsu Science and technology small giant enterprise (2018-2020)
  • The first major equipment and key components in Jiangsu Province
  • Jiangsu famous trademark
  • Jiangsu quality credit enterprise with double A rating
  • Nantong top ten private enterprises of scientific and technological progress
  • Vice presidentof Nantong Electromechanical Hardware Chamber of Commerce
  • Enterprise standard "leader" certificate
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