Nantong zhenkang 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting and 2022 annual work plan meeting were successfully held

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On the morning of February 8, there was continuous applause in the lecture hall on the fifth floor of Nantong zhenkang welding electromachinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nantong zhenkang"), and Nantong zhenkang 2021 annual summary and commendation conference and 2022 annual work plan meeting were held here. More than 300 excellent employees from the production, sales and technical departments of the company attended the meeting.

      Tang zikang, Secretary of the Party branch and chairman of the company, Chen Meilan, general manager, Gu Jingjun, Tang Qin, Zhu Lanxin, deputy general managers and other company leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Vice Chairman, Qian Meijuan

At the beginning of the conference, deputy general manager, Zhu Lanxin made a comprehensive summary and review of the marketing work in 2021 and looked forward to the development prospect of the market in 2022. In the extraordinary year of 2021, the company overcame various impacts brought by the epidemic, innovated and reformed, took the initiative to seek change, improved quality and efficiency, and featured products blossomed in many places. The total sales volume increased steadily. The sales of traditional products such as wire feeder and submerged arc welding tractor, RV reducer and robot products achieved steady growth for three consecutive years, with an average annual growth rate of 28%, especially the growth rate of new product RV Reducer reached 83%, and the annual growth rate of robot sales reached 34.75%, Thus, while deeply tapping the market potential and developing the field of high-tech products, it further consolidated the dominant position of the company's traditional products in the market, and laid a solid foundation for ensuring that the company is in the forefront of the field of welding equipment and intelligent manufacturing.

Then, deputy general manager, Tang Qin made a comprehensive summary and analysis of the company's production work in 2021, and made scientific and careful arrangements for the production tasks in 2022. She pointed out that in 2021, the production process was further optimized, the product quality was further improved, the production capacity was further expanded, the production efficiency was further improved, the market was further expanded, the R & D new products were launched one after another to realize mass production, the company's core competitiveness was further enhanced, the order volume increased significantly, and the output value of traditional products increased by 18%. She hopes that all departments and personnel of the company will continue to cooperate closely and go all out to successfully achieve the production target of 2022 (doubling the output of robots and RV reducers, 330,000units of 120 series of motors, 300,000 units wire feeders, 250,000units of  76 winding motors and 10,000 units submerged arc welding tractors)!

Then, deputy general manager, Gu Jingjun summarized and analyzed the company's scientific and technological innovation work, which injected a shot in the arm into all zhenkang people. He said that the company's RV Reducer and robot products have "sharpened a sword in ten years", which stand out from the complex environment and fierce competition and have been highly recognized by the market. The sales volume has almost quadrupled in two years, and will be in short supply. He pointed out that the robot industry is an emerging industry in the 21st century. China's robot industry is a sunrise industry. More than ten robot companies in China have adopted zhenkang robot manipulator. Zhenkang's yesterday was very hard, zhenkang's today is very busy, and zhenkang's tomorrow is bright!

Then, general manager, Chen Meilan read out Nantong zhenkang's decision on commending advanced collectives and excellent employees in 2019-2021, commended and rewarded a large number of "advanced collectives" and "excellent employees" with remarkable performance and outstanding performance in all aspects in promoting the work process of the company in the past three years, and issued honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners to thank them for their efforts and efforts, It greatly boosted the morale of the whole staff.

Group photo of advanced collective and company directors in 2019

Group photo of outstanding employees and company directors in 2019

Group photo of advanced collective and company directors in 2020

Group photo of outstanding employees and company directors in 2020

Group photo of advanced collective and company directors in 2021

Group photo of outstanding employees and company directors in 2021

Advanced worker’representative, Cao Yuqun said in his speech: in 2022, we will continue to self pressurize, improve work and management skills, further give full play to our talents, and make greater achievements for the high-quality development of Nantong zhenkang.

At the end of the meeting, chairman, Tang zikang enthusiastically summarized and reviewed the work in the past three years in terms of "party construction", "safety and environmental protection", "sales objectives", "product R & D", "product quality", "company development" and "team construction", affirmed the achievements, deployed and planned the goals for 2022, The bright vision of Nantong zhenkang's future development is prospected to all the staff.


He said proudly that in the past three years, the company has developed more than ten small RV reducers with independent intellectual property rights, which is a breakthrough and contribution to small precision transmission products all over the world, a reliable foundation for the development of the company and a milestone in the process of innovation and development of the company; From scratch, the company has undertaken the national major special 500kg friction stir welding robot project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, developed ten heavy-duty and high-precision robots, passed the acceptance of the expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and won high praise; The company has won the title of the second batch of specialized and new "little giant" enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and there is only one in Haimen district. The company has successfully designed and manufactured a full range of 10 high-precision industrial robots ranging from 6kg to 500kg, which are not subject to the constraints of other countries, laying a good foundation for zhenkang's further development and take-off. Nantong zhenkang is ready to go and has made all preparations in advance to meet the all-round arrival of the automation era.


The company's achievements also stem from the fact that zhenkang Party branch has trained a group of Party members from technical management talents. Chairman Tang hopes that more excellent talents will actively approach the party organization, and hopes that all zhenkang people "believe in the company, believe in the young leadership team of the company, and believe in themselves, work hard every day, strive every day, and move forward forever", and always tighten the string of "safe production and green environmental protection", Continue to carry forward zhenkang people's spirit of innovation and keeping pace with the times, learn from the advanced, catch up with the advanced, take the advanced as the benchmark, roll up your sleeves and work hard to complete the set tasks and objectives in 2022 with quality and quantity, lay a solid foundation for Nantong zhenkang to be a century old store, compose a new chapter in the development of Nantong zhenkang, and present a gift to the 30th anniversary of Nantong zhenkang with excellent achievements!

      Start a new journey from a new starting point. Zhenkang people who "forge high-quality Chinese elite products and carry forward the national spirit" will not forget their original intention to start a business, adhere to rejuvenating the enterprise through science and technology, move forward bravely towards the grand goal of realizing the great Centennial zhenkang dream under the correct leadership of the board of directors with the Secretary of the Party branch as the core, and jointly create a more brilliant tomorrow for Nantong zhenkang!

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